In 2023, Hansen Signs submitted 2 of our signage projects for the National Sign Competition and won 2 awards in the Illuminated Signage and the Unique Signs categories, one of which was also awarded the Best in Show.

Unique Signs & Best in Show – North Grenville Chamber of Commerce Benches

This client requested a piece of art that could be used efficiently and installed in their town parks. These benches were built with a custom structural aluminum frame, computer numerical control (CNC) programmed to bend 3.1-mm (0.1-in) aluminum sheets to form the shape of an open book. The team used 3M vinyl on the panels and Matthews anti-graffiti clear coat. When finalizing this project, they highlighted key words and landmarks in the wording, so the book actually tells the store of the community where it belongs. Structurally, the result is very strong, and it presents itself as a unique and functional product.

Illuminated Signage – Advent Hallway Lighting System

The Wildcats locker room is the first environment in which players gather. This enforces the need to have motivational signage to set the mood for a successful game. For this unique space, Hansen Signs developed custom acrylic channel letters using layers of opaque and translucent red acrylic layers with face- and edge-lit illumination. For the ceiling, the team used individually addressable LED in 36.5m (120ft) of custom acrylic ceiling panels that can be fully programmable with any animation. The animations are directed by a master controller, making it easy to project them throughout the panels to form a larger design, or to be projected on each individual screen. These panels were installed in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate for the twists and turs of the corridor. This results in unique lighting that can be easily adjusted for different events, and is a key feature to motivate players heading to the ice.